Limited Edition: Golden Ghana Bar


Inspired by the wedding that sparked a movement, Harlem to the Homeland, this limited edition golden brownstone bar honors the union of Tiffany and Rashad — she is from Harlem and he is from Accra, Ghana.

Showcasing the prowess of Ghanaian cocoa, this 68% Single Origin Ghana Dark Chocolate Bar is filled with bits of crunchy buttery toffee. We blended this with a handmade butter toffee made with local butter, cane sugar, and a hint of sea salt.

Harlem to the Homeland is a collaborative and most importantly, inclusive celebration to uplift Black families, companies and creatives; amplifying the power of love and kinship across the diaspora. The visuals of the wedding serve as a postcard to Black people across the world wanting to connect home.

A testament to the living prayers of our ancestors from the hills of Edgecombe to the coast of Elmina; illuminating new and existing pathways to and from the Black Meccas of the world for their friends, families, and contemporaries.

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