Our Core Values

Harlem Chocolate Factory is an artisan chocolate brand where we convey the various cultural experiences of Harlem through our premium chocolate products. Our goal is to share our love for both Harlem & chocolate.

Founding the Factory

Harlem Chocolate Factory was founded in 2015 by Jessica Spaulding along with her Spelman sister, Asha Dixon. They spent weekends wrapping chocolate bars in their living room preparing for local markets and quickly selling out. The ladies garnered the attention of big name corporate clients providing gifting for Chase, Kate Spade and Sam Adams, to name a few. Their flagship retail and production kitchen opened in the Historic Strivers’ Row district of Harlem in 2018 to rave reviews and have since gotten a slew of local and national press.

Founder & CEO

Jessica Spaulding

Jessica Spaulding grew up in an anti-sugar home, but there was one exception to this rule, CHOCOLATE, not just any chocolate, high-quality chocolate. Her mother knew the higher the quality of the chocolate, the lower the sugar and the better the flavor. They would attend every chocolate show and learn about chocolate from around the world but could never find anything that reflected her culture. So she tempered her first batch of chocolate at ten years old and dreamed of owning a chocolate factory. Although being a chocolatier wasn't a supported career path, she never gave up on her dream. Merging her passion for chocolate with her love of Harlem is an experience she wants to share with everyone.

Co-Founder & COO

Asha Dixon

With over six years of experience, Asha has strategically executed events and bridged partnerships for corporations, private entities, and non-profits. Her love for entrepreneurship was shaped during her childhood by examples of her parents, who both own small businesses. This admiration further developed while attending Spelman College, where invaluable intellectual and social encounters equipped her with tools and confidence to excel regardless of the challenge. With her understanding of brand presentation in conjunction with relationship building, you can expect a high-level curated experience every time you interact with Harlem Chocolate Factory.