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Want a mix of everything, select one of our assorted boxes to receive a mix of our various collections.

Signature Bonbons

Beautifully hand-painted bonbons with layers of deliciousness

Bodega Dreams Bonbon
After-school Snack Bonbon
First Night on Lenox Bonbon
Across 110th Street Bonbon
Milk Chocolate Quinoa Crunch Bonbon
Dark Chocolate Quinoa CrunchBonbon

Sunday Soul Collection

Chocolate ganache renditions of traditional desserts found at Sunday dinner.

Sweet Potato Pie Truffle
Banana Puddin' Truffle
Red Velvet Truffle

 Speakeasy Collection

Speakeasy's were the great unifier for the Harlem Renaissance.

DusséⓇ Cognac Caramel Truffle
Rosé Champagne Truffle
Uncle NearestⓇ Whiskey Truffle